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I am Claire and I work as Copy-Editor/Writer, Proofreader, Photoshop CS4 editor and Logo making.

It is with best interest that made me propose for this job. I myself loves to read fictional stories especially about vampires (Anne Rice Novels), I also love children’s Literature and would be very much happy on working with you. I am capable of making new and original stories concentrating on how to impose virtues to young children all over the world.

I work as a copy-editor/writer proofreader. I also do Photoshop CS4 for editing and logo making. I have done several tying job in the last few years.

Spending almost all of my time in front of the computer made me think of the wonderful things that was happening or had happened to us. In this page we will see various topics about almost anything.

Posted April 18, 2012 by badsduduy

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