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Beauty of the Undying News   Leave a comment

Why choose News Paper over Radiation?



Although it is the turn of the century where computers, television and internet are at its highest in delivering fast and reliable news and gossips, nothing could ever replace the beauty and accuracy of the news written in paper. We have been introduced to news paper since the 14th century in England and on the 16th century by the Americans and since then, we have adapted to read the news paper for our daily life.


In the turn of this century, news brought to us by the reporters was more dramatic as it also focuses of the lives of our celebrities and other government major and minimal concerns. Although we consider news paper journalist to be brave and innovative with their various fields of topics, they were also a threat to other people whom they pointed out during their reports.


Indeed the news delivered to us through paper is a slow process, which will usually take a day or two to be published and ever since the public reads the news paper, we cannot deny the fact that it is one of the best sources for them to have the knowledge to know what was happening in their country.



Why do we have to read the news paper when I can get the freshest news in the TV and internet?


The answer is simple, Radiation. We need to refrain from direct contact with radiations which usually comes from the screens of the TV and computers as it is harmful to our eyes and may cause mild or severe migraine and mostly permanent eye blurriness.


Reading the news paper helps us relax our eyes giving it a minimum stress and it also helps many parts of our brain to function correctly. We can find news paper enjoyable and fun as it also comes with different activities for you such as puzzles and illustrations.



“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. -Thomas Jefferson, 1787.

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The Fever Myth   Leave a comment

How to define what’s true and myth about Toddlers Fever




As parents, we often over react on our children’s pain and fever to the extent that made us believe that a child having a fever also carries a disease. Although we know very well that fever is a symptom of other fundamental ailments and the body’s response to infections, we took no precautions when it comes for their own safety.


A child with an average temperature not exceeding to 37.5 degree Celsius and does not show weaknesses and is playful, able to sleep comfortably and drink plenty of water then medical treatment is not necessary but certain steps should be taken when the child suffers from dehydration, vomiting and uncomfortable sleep.


During the child’s teething process, parents sometimes feel that the rise of temperature on the child occurs. The myth about teething and fever were proven to be wrong. The teething stage does not cause your child to have a fever and therefore, fever during this stage should be treated with an unrelated symptom.


Can fever cause brain damage to my baby? One of the most interesting facts about fever is that, fever alone can’t cause brain damage as is it normal among children to have a fever and sometimes even goes away without the aid of medicines or other special treatments. Parents should always record the child’s temperature and performance during this stage instead of panicking that your child’s fever may cause blindness, seizures, brain damage and death. If the parent is in doubt, then that would be the time to consult the physician.


One of the most argued fever myth is the non-sponge and cold bathing, and wrapping the child when in fever. The using of alcohol is definitely a “no-no” as alcohol creates a cold effect to the skin and my likely create shivering which helps the body to generate more heat and can cause the child’s temperature to rise. That as well would be taken for the parents who use cold baths to their children and wrapping them with heavy blankets. Instead of giving your child a cold bath, try replacing it with a lukewarm water to help the skin pores open so that the heat of the body will be released. This makes the child fell more comfortable.


It is always best to remember that fever in any way can be treated with or without medication though parents should always take precautions. It is best to let your child be comfortable in these stages to assure their fast recovery.

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Tattoos in the Philippines have a rich history which dated way before the Spaniards ever set foot on the Islands of Visayas. Tattoos from different tribes represent their tattoos as a symbol of bravery, strength, power, beauty and status of a married life. When the Spaniards landed on the shores of the Visayan Island, they were greeted by the villagers and warriors of different clans. They named the island “La Isla De Los Pintados” which meant “The Island of the Painted Ones.”


A Philippine Treasure

The National Museum of the Philippines is currently preserving the 400 year’s old mummified body of the late Apo Anno. According to researchers, Apo Anno’s tattoo signifies what kind of warrior and hunter he was. And so was the tattoos found on the soles of his feet and on the top of his forehead.


As of today, Philippine Tattoo evolved into a more modernized art. Many of which are inspired from different parts all over the world. Tattoo’s now come in different colors, sizes and designs. Hundreds and hundreds of young Filipino artist uses tattoo as a major business in showcasing their talents. The ever more growing tattoo industry in the Philippines became popular to different bands, TV personalities, businessmen and tourist.



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